Shelton Preschool

Summer Camp

We adjust our schedules according to many reasons such as weather (sun/heat/rain) Guest speakers/art teachers (authors/ceramics).

9:00   Drop off morning & all day campers

9:15   Circle to discuss whats art projects and games are planned. We then split into groups and get the fun               started :)

11:30  We get cleaned up for snack juice/ Lunch

12:00  Morning campers go home, afternoon campers arrive.

12:15  Circle to discuss afternoon arts and games again we split into groups and get busy!

2:30    We clean up for snack and juice

3:00    Everyone goes home 

Daily Activities 

Our days vary according to weather and guest visitors.

Outdoor games: Red Light Green Light, Duck Duck Goose, Ring around the Rosy, Parachute games and Tag.

Obstacle course, Scavenger Hunt, Bean bag toss and more.

Painting, Rock Painting 

Kite Making, Cinch Bag decorating & Cup decorating. 

Fishing (from a tub no hooks)

Sand Box 

We do so much every year it is hard to list. 

 We have water available at all times and shade.

Camp Staff and Volunteers

Mrs. M & Mrs. Sproge are always at camp from 8:30-4:30 daily

We have several volunteers from our children (we both have teenagers) to sometimes board members & guest for the day!  In the past we have had Elsa!!!!!!!! Clowns :) and reptiles. Also we have had a lady come in and help us make ceramics.

Mrs Sproge has twin girls, Abby and Izzy that are Juniors in high school. She also has a 20 year old son but he wont be helping.

Mrs.M has a 12 year old daughter Liliana who comes daily and a 14 year old son Vito who comes occasionally.  

If we have guest in our class they are NEVER left alone with the children! We do ask that any full time volunteers pass a background check through the



Pictures from the past Summer Camps