Shelton Preschool

Healthy Foods = Healthy Kids

Our school has implemented a " Healthy Foods/Healthy Kids snack program. The school does not provide any snacks for the children. Parents provide snacks! All snacks that come into the school must be store bought and packaged.

Recommended healthy snacks:

Crackers & Cheese   Crackers & peanut butter    Carrots & dip   trail mix   pretzels   granola bars   apple sauce

yogurt/gogurt   bagels w/ jam or cream cheese   cereal bars   granola bars   string cheese   apples   bananas

dried fruit   oranges   pickles   grapes   canned fruit   graham crackers   cheez-its   goldfish  meat & cheese

bread w/jam/peanut butter   fruit cups   tortillas with cheese   celery w/peanut butter or cream cheese,

cucumbers w/ dip,   broccoli w/ dip   strawberries   raisins   


Recommended healthy drinks:

Milk   juice   sunny D   lemonade   water


Children learn at a very young age to eat healthy. We are trying to reinforce these healthy habits