Shelton Preschool

Class Schedule

Class Schedule 

Our day begins with Table activities and warm up papers, allowing the child to choose between such things as computers, manipulatives, se. Free play encompasses all aspects of development: cognitive, social-emotional, and sensory motor. We then clean up and move on to circle time where we discuss the days of the week and months of the year, weather, theme for the day, and show-n-tell. Moving forward, we work on our projects for the day. This time is spent building our fine motor skills through, arts and crafts, cooking, science projects, writing and cutting. By now our bodies are ready to "wiggle" so we happily improve our gross motor skills through  music and dance, or games. As our day comes to a close, we sit down for a story then enjoy a quick, healthy snack before heading home.

AM CLASSES                                              Activity Description    

 8:30-9 am                                                        Drop Off    Open Doors

9 - 9:30 am                                                       Warm up work

9:30-10:00 Math/Science/Literacy  

10:00 10:00 kids come 

10:10-10:20                                                          Circle time

10:20-10:45                                             Free  Play and Work Stations 

10:45-11:30                                                  Literacy/Math & Art Project and clean-up

11:30-11:45                                                    Circle and story time

11:45                                                                      Snack Time      

11:50                                                                   Music and Movement

12:00 pm   Class over    

12:15 Lunch ( for after care kids)

12:30 -2:00 Quiet Nap time

2:00-3:30 Playtime and Art Projects 

3:30 Snack

4:00 Time to go home :)