Shelton Preschool

How do I register my child for preschool?

Registration for the current school year is ongoing as long as there is space available! Please visit our documents page to download registration forms. Please return your forms and registration fee and we will let you know what spaces are available to your child.

Here is a list of our current classes: (please call to find out availability)

Pre-K: For the 4 and 5 yr old going to Kindergarten in the fall (We occasionally take an older 3 yr old -Sept/Oct bdays, who are ready for more work) 

 M/W/F 10-12pm

Everyday class M-F Class 9-12 

Preschool Class: For the 2-4 yr old not going to kindergarten in the fall

Am class: T/TH 10-12

Mix Class T/W/Th 10-12 


Registration for the following year is also ongoing in that you will be put on a list as soon as we receive your registration forms and fee. Please download the registration form from our documents page.

If you have questions regarding registration please call:

Shannon at