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From your teachers:

            Hello and welcome! 

 Please feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns, even if you feel the subject has already been approached. Mrs. Mazzoncini is available Monday through Friday 8:30-4. If in class please leave a message. I will be more than happy to make time before or after school.

 Preschool is a new experience for both the parent and the child. We often find that the parents have more trouble adjusting to leaving their children than the children do! Many children may cry the first few times that you leave them, but in my years working with children, I have found that soon after the parent leaves the child is up and playing. Preschool allows the child to express his/her independence away from mom and dad in a safe and secure environment. This is a crucial step in the child’s developmental process.

**********You are welcome to stay with your child for the first few minutes of the first day, but then we ask that you leave so that the adjustment process can and will take place. Please give this process 2 weeks, at the end of 2 weeks your child will be adjusted and happy to come to school. On a typical day you will drop off and pick up your child in the “cubby” Room.

            Many parents ask about staying and helping in class, while we always welcome parents and their help, too much of a good thing can be very distracting to the children. Our classroom is small and therefore cannot accommodate extra adults. Class begins promptly at 9am or 10am, and if there are a bunch of extra people milling around class time gets cut short and we will not get accomplished what needs to be done each day. Field trips and prearranged special days are great days for parents to help.

 Kindergartners today learn and master skills previously taught in 1st and 2nd grades.  Our own curriculum has thus been modified so as to keep up with these standards and ready your children for the next grade level. I have included at the end of this letter a partial list of what children in Washington and around the country are doing in kindergarten today (2012/2013 and beyond) based on the new common core standards and expectations adopted by the state. I have also included easy steps you can take at home to better ready your children for what is now expected of them.

Some children will struggle with these new expectations, especially those that are young with late spring and summer birthdays. You, as parents, will need to decide whether to push your child beyond what they are capable of accomplishing for their developmental level or instead give them another year to accomplish these goals. The trend tends to be to wait an additional year and start the child in kindergarten at age 6. This idea, which was nonexistent 10-15 years ago, now be considered by all parents of preschool age children. More and more children are attending preschool from 2-4 years.

Pre-K Class Overview: The pre-k class (M-W-F) or (M-F) is primarily made up of 4-6 year olds planning to go to kindergarten the following year. Many of the children in this class have been in preschool for 1-2 years and are familiar with routine.  At the beginning of each school year we review classroom expectations. The learning process begins immediately with a quick review of our shapes along with the introductions of 1 letter per week. We will introduce the letter in both upper and lower case forms, practice the sounds that correspond to that letter, learn words that start with that letter as well as write the letter both at home and at school. We will also practice writing our names both at home and at school.  1-3 homework worksheets will be sent home with your child each week to correspond with what we are learning in class. Please make sure your child completes these pages and returns them to school in a timely manner (usually within the week). This prepares your child for what is expected in Kindergarten.  We will constantly review and reinforce the skills the children learned the previous year. Throughout the school year we will also be asking your child to draw various pictures and dictate to us what is going on in them. We will encourage the more advanced student to write as much of this as possible. Art and cooking projects with also be integrated into the curriculum to further support the monthly themes and learning process. Once we have completed the shape review we will begin a study of our numbers 1-31. Each day children will experience a balance of free play activities/time as well as more structured learning activities.



Preschool 2 yr- 4 yr class: This class, primarily made up of 2 ½ yr - 4 yr olds, focuses more on the social/ emotional skills needed to go to school as well as the primary concepts that children this age are now expected to know. These concepts include recognizing and naming colors and shapes, counting to at least 10, recognizing some basic numbers both on their fingers and in print, reciting their ABC’s without mistake, begin the process of writing our names, etc. There is so much growth in this age group that this group is often very diverse.  The projects that are presented take this diversity into account and can accommodate the youngest to the oldest child’s skill level. Children in the age group are given plenty of time to interact with their peers as well as one on one time with the teachers to shape the skills needed to advance to the next level.


Combo program: We have a handful of families that are taking advantage of both programs by enrolling their child in our everyday option. These children participate in both of the above programs with each being tailored to their age and development. There are still a few openings for this, so if anyone is interested please let the teachers know. This program is very important now because as of this year Kindergarten in Shelton is all day every day for everyone!

 TuitionSeptember tuition is due immediately! A $15 late fee for Sept. will be charged if tuition is not received by Friday Sept. 18th.  Every other month tuition is due on the 5th and a late fee of $15 charged if not paid by the 10th. Special arrangements for payments may be made with the teacher in advance. Pre-K (M,W,F) tuition = $150 per month  ¾ yr old (T, Th) = $125 per month.  Everyday M-F tuition = $225. Please note that if you make special arrangements we will need to know what day you will pay us and if we do not receive tuition on that day the late fee will apply!

School Supplies and Paperwork  If you have not turned in your child’s school supplies, please do so ASAP. If you have lost your supply list, please see me for a new one. All paperwork must be turned in A.S.A.P

School T-Shirts

We are asking that each child purchase a school t-shirt or sweatshirt. T-shirts and sweatshirts will be worn on field trip days.

School Handbook/newsletters

We are hoping to cut down on the amount of paper we send home.

New this year: The school handbook in its entirety is posted on our website Please read our website carefully, there is very important information on it. We will be giving you a paper to sign that you have read it! We will also be posting our newsletter and calendar here! These will be up at the first of each month and you will receive notification when they are available. If you do not have access to a computer let us know and we can print you a hard copy. We will also still post copies in the cubby room each month!



Recycling = things for our school: 

We are participating in various programs to earn extra $$$ for our school. These programs not only help us but the environment too and cost you nothing extra to participate! These items are things that are used everyday and can be recycled!

Ink Cartridges: We are collecting all types of printer ink cartridges( both personal and commercial, laser and ink jet, small and large). We earn cash for items turned in. Please check with your work place and find out if you can have their empty cartridges as well.

Capri Sun/ Minute maid Drink Pouches:  We are collecting all types and flavors of drink pouches….not the drink boxes! We receive 2 cents per pouch when redeemed. Please bring in your empty drink pouches. We must collect, save and count a minimum of 2000 before we can redeem them.

Do you know someone with a preschooler who is not enrolled? 

Please pass the word that we still have some openings for this school year!. Refer a new family who signs up for preschool from now until the end of this  month and receive a month free  tuition!

Items needed for the classroom:

Each month this section will include items we could really use in the classroom. If you have any of these items at home or are willing to pick them up for us at the store we will be forever grateful.

We are a private nonprofit preschool that receives no outside funding and only charges enough tuition to cover the basic expenses. We realize that not everyone is able to do this and do not expect everyone to. Often, families have extras at home or at work or know of people/businesses who will happily donate items. We figure it does not hurt to ask! All items are tax deductible ask for a form)

Facebook/ School website email:

Facebook: Please visit and “Like” our Facebook page: Shelton Preschool. Our page has a picture of our school, the little red school house so please make sure you are on the correct page. Also please feel free to write a recommendation under the recommendations section. Throughout the year pictures and comments will be posted here.