Shelton Preschool

Our History

     The Shelton Preschool is a private, non-profit preschool that was established in 1948 by a group of parents from the Lincoln and Bordeaux elementary school's PTA's. The Shelton Preschool was the first preschool established in Shelton, and possibly all of Mason County. The parents that started this school believed that children of this age would thrive in a group setting headed by a teacher that could provide security, affection, and the feeling of belonging, this in turn would get the child ready for kindergarten. 

     The preschool has been housed in various locations throughout Shelton, including but not limited to the following:

-Our Current Location ( as of June 1 2010)   for the next 30 years: 2340 W. Railroad Ave Shelton 

-The Shelton United Methodist Church on King street 1966 - May 2010

-the old Methodist Church downtown

-The Capital Hill Club House

--The Girl Scout building in Knealand Park

-The old Nimrod building or old Mt. Olive Basement at the end of Dearborn

-various basements of individuals involved at the time.

     During the mid 1950's The Shelton Preschool ran combination preschool/kindergarten classes for about 4 years due to the fact that the Shelton School District did not offer kindergarten during this time.  The Shelton Preschool was followed by Head Start which came to Shelton in 1967, and the School District's Preschool which was established between 1968 and 1971.

     During the early 1990's there was an inclusion process between the Shelton Preschool and The Shelton School /district when the school district paid our school to school children because of lack of space in the district. School district specialists would come to the Shelton Preschool and work with these children. Today the Shelton Preschool still works with the Shelton School District by referring children with special needs (speech, learning disabilities, etc) that need extra help. We also work with various teacher's throughout the district to develop curriculum that will best prepare your child for kindergarten.

Just a few pictures from years past:


1979  1982 1985  




Our Preschool Today!

The population of our preschool is made up of students from the city of Shelton as well as those residing in the surrounding Mason County areas (Union, Allyn, Grapeview, Hoodcanal, Lilliwaup,Harstine, etc). We also have students who reside in Thurston county. Our students are comprised of various races, religions, and income backgrounds. We have had children in our school from Mexico, China, Japan, and Russia who started school speaking nothing but their native tongue, and proceeded to learn English during their time at the preschool.