Shelton Preschool




Each year we schedule a variety of field trips throughout the community.  Below is a sampling of our most popular trips.

The Pumpkin Patch:   

Each October we pick a pumpkin patch/farm to visit. Here the children not only get to pick a pumpkin but also get to experience such things as petting zoos, corn or haymazes, wagon rides, and sometimes even local produce and goodies that the farm supplies (i.e. homemade cider and doughnuts)   


 The Fire Department:

Here we learn what to do and not to do in the event of a fire. The children get to see a real fireman in all of his/her fire gear, see and climb into a real fire truck, ask questions and hopefully lessen any fears that the children may have.




Here we get an up close tour behind the scenes of the largest store in Shelton.  The children get to visit the bakery, produce department, walk-in freezers and refrigerators, garden department, etc. The children learn the basics of how the store is run.


bakery tour  photo center


Dairy Queen:

This field trip is just plain fun.....who doesn't like to eat Ice Cream Sundaes.  We do sneak in "How to behave in resteraunts".

Other trips we have taken in years past (depends on scheduling)

-Safeway or Fred Meyer

-Fish Hatcheries 

-Dominos pizza

-The Children's Museum

-Charlie Safari


****We are always looking for new and created places to go. Any suggestions are welcome.


Playday in the park:

We finish off the school year with a " Playday in the Park".  On this day, the entire school and their families are invited to join us down at Knealand park for a picnic and playtime. This is a great time to make summer playdate arrangement etc.



Classroom activities

Holiday Celebrations and Foods Projects

Every month we have some type of foods project where the children get to experience foods through a project. For example, when we study the 5 senses, we taste foods that are salty, sweet, sour, and spicy. During this time we also experience foods with different looks and textures. When there is a holiday during the month we combine our foods project with the holiday.  For example, at Halloween the children get to create their own Jack-o-lantern pizzas. At Christmas they create edible trees using cones, frosting and a variety of edible ornaments (raisins, gumdrops, etc) We have foods projects that correspond to particular colors where the children only try foods from that color group. Often times the children will find foods they like that they have never tried before.



 Pony Pictures and Rides: Ponies come to the school for pictures and rides.

  ... waiting for their turn!!!

Class pictures:

Each year in October or early November we arrange for a photographer to come in and take pictures of the children. This is a professional photographer who offers packages for you to buy. the pictures arrive back in time for you to send them out for Christmas.  This is a service we offer for you and the school does not get anything from this service.

 1979: 3-4yr old am  1991 prk-k pm 2000: 3-4yr old am




At the end of each school year a graduation ceremony is held for the children

 moving on to kindergarten.


Summer Camp:

We offer summer camp the last 2 weeks of July!

Each week is a different theme :)

We offer:

Full Day- 8-4   $125 a week

Half Day 8-12  or 12-4  $75 a week


 Discounts given for multiple children and/or weeks