Shelton Preschool


Tuition is due on the 5th of each month, if not paid by the 10th you will be charged a late fee of $15. Tuition may be paid in the following forms: Check, money orders, or cash (receipt required).

Our preschool is a nonprofit school that runs solely on the tuition collected. Tuition must be paid on time unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher. If tuition is more than 2 weeks late without teacher notification, your child will not be able to return to school until the balance is paid! Any outstanding balances will be sent to collections at the end of the year!

You must give the school 2 weeks written notice when dis-enrolling your child from our program. Until we receive written notice, tuition will continue to accrue!  No paid tuition will be refunded!

Classroom Visitors

We always welcome parents into our classroom. We welcome parents to help on special days such as field trips, parties etc. We do ask however, that you discuss these arrangements with the teacher prior to helping. Younger siblings are always welcome to join us on our field trips, but due to space and insurance restrictions, we are unable to have any other children (other than those enrolled) join us in the classroom.

We ask that you refrain from entering the classroom when the door is closed. We close the door during class time for safety reasons and to keep the children's attention focused on the curriculum we are presenting. It is very distracting to the children to have people entering and leaving the classroom during class times. If you must pick up your child early, please let the teacher know in advance!


If your child is ill or going to miss school, please call the school and let the teacher know. If your child will be absent due to a contagious disease or illness(chicken pox, lice, pink eye, strep, etc) please let the teacher know so that she may inform the other parents so that they too may look out for symptoms in their own children!

Progress Reports/ parent-teacher conferences and special services

Each child will be briefly assessed of his/her abilities in Sept. In January, a full assessment will be done and a progress report will be sent home. Parent-teacher conferences will be held the last week of Jan/ first week of Feb.

If you have concerns about your child at anytime, please discuss these with the teacher.

Occasionally, a child will experience learning disabilities. Parents and the teachers will seek to discover ways to help the child with these. Sometimes the problems the child is experiencing goes beyond the capabilities of the tour teachers, in these circumstances we will discuss the possibility of an outside referral. Upon receiving parental permission, the teacher will then contact the Shelton School district/Pioneer School district, to get the process rolling to have the child be assessed by Special Services. There is no charge for these assessments or services if the child then qualifies! Some areas in which children have been referred in the past include but are not limited to the following: speech, Autism, sever behavioral problems, inability to grasp everyday concepts (washing hands, simple art projects, etc) or significant delays in any developmental stage. A referral for any of these problems does not mean the child will in anyway be excluded from our preschool, in fact most children continue at the Shelton Preschool and also receive additional help from special services.

Change of Child's Personal Information-Address, phone #, Custody agreements

It is very important that the school be notified immediately in the event of any change to the Child's address, parent's phone #'s/email addresses or custodial agreements. We must be able to contact you at all time if the need arises!

Emergency Closure

On occasion, when it becomes necessary to close the school due to extreme weather conditions (ice, snow, rain, wind) or other unusual circumstances (earthquakes, power or water outages) we will send out a mass message via text/ email.

In general, we follow the Shelton School District closures:

       -If the School district is closed then so are we

      -If there is a late start, then there will be no am preschool

      -If there is an early release, then there will be no pm preschool

The reason for following the Shelton School districts closures is that they are better equipped to determine the severity of the weather. The school district receives weather reports that the general public do not. They also send out professionals to drive the roads to determine if it is safe for children of any age to be on the roads at particular times.

Please understand that these closures are for the safety of the children and parents alike! 

Field Trips

Field Trips are an exciting part of our program. A general permission slip will be signed at the time of registration. Informational notes will be sent home prior to each field trip. In order for us to go on field trips, you must provide or arrange transportation for your child to and from each trip. All parents, family members, friends may attend the field trips with us. For field trips we take here in Shelton, you may drop of and pick up  your child at the field trip site. For field trips outside of Shelton (i.e. Olympia) you must arrange for transportation and someone to stay with your child during the excursion. 

Field trips we have enjoyed in the past include but are not limited to the following:  pumpkin patch, charlie safari, fire department/ dairy queen, children's museum, Wal-mart, Library, hospital, etc. We are always looking for new and exciting field trips that we might take!


Your child will get  bring show-n-tell once every couple of months. Please limit your child to 1 or 2 items per turn. If you plan to bring something that is alive (i.e. dog, cat, horse, goat, insects, etc) please let the teacher know ahead.

On occasion, you may find that you have something at home that directly relates to the particular theme for that day. Please let the teacher know and we will make arrangements for your child to bring it in to share regardless if it is his/her show-n-tell day! 


We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive and productive learning environment for your child. Since student behavior and quality learning are closely related, we believe it is worth the effort to reinforce cooperation and good behavior. Our discipline plan recognizes and promotes good behavior.

Children are rewarded at the end of the day with a sticker if they have made it through the day without a time out.  If your child does not receive a sticker you will be informed as to why your child received a timeout.

Our Discipline/ timeout procedure is as follows: When a child misbehaves/ does not listen, he/she will be warned not to repeat the action and told why the action was inappropriate. If the same action reoccurs the same day, the child again will be warned and reminded why the action is not ok and then redirected to another activity to as to create a distraction, thus interfering with the negative action that is occurring. If the negative action occurs for a 3rd time in one day, the child will then be told that they will be placed in time out, asked to state why they are in time out and then explained to why the action was inappropriate and the fact that their parents will be informed.

We have found that the above procedure works well and that by the child gets to the point of time out they are well aware of why they are put there.

Occasionally, a child's negative behavior  resulting in a timeout occurs during a specific activity and thus the child will miss out on that particular activity for the day. ( i.e. story, snack, etc) There is no way to avoid this as we would not be following through as teachers if we treated the situation any differently than any other situation.  

Drop off and Pick-up procedures

Drop off:

Am class arrival time: 9am or 10:00am  (depending on your childs class)


We ask that you do not arrive at the school any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the class starting. Doors to the classroom will remain closed and will not open until 10am! Children may not be left unattended before or after class times. All children must be walked in to the cubby room by an adult, signed in, and waited with until the classroom door opens. Please try and have your child arrive on time as we only have 2 hours per day with your child! This is a good time to have your child find his/her cubby remove any papers, etc. They may put their coat/ backpacks in their cubbies or on the hooks provided in the classroom!


Am Class pick-up time 12:00- 12:10pm


Children must be picked up promptly when class is over (12pm) The procedure for pick up is as follows:

The pick-up person arrives at the school, enters the cubby room only, signs the child out and take any papers from his/her cubby.  Children will be release by the teacher one at a time as they finish their snack and provided an adult is there to pick them up! Please refrain from entering the classroom at this time or yelling for your child from the door.  

Children must be picked up promptly when class is over. Tuition does not include any before or after school hours and therefore late-pick ups will not be tolerated. Please set your clock by our school clocks! Late pick ups will result in a fee of $1 per minute starting 10 minutes after class ends (class ends at 12am)